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CAP11: Practicing Christian Leadership


£50 Tuition + books


10 Weeks


About the Course

Perhaps nothing is more critical in the health of a Christian congregation than the practice of effective Christian leadership. God has raised up gifted men and women to care for his people, to exercise oversight that heals and blesses in the midst of his church. Truly, those called to lead demonstrate their devotion to the Savior by practicing a kind of leadership that both honors and glorifies our Lord and edifies and builds up his people. This module specifically covers four critical dimensions of effective Christian leadership. We begin with a focus on effective worship leading, with a special focus on the role of ministering the Word and Sacrament among the people of God. We also consider the role of the Christian leader in Christian education, dealing specifically with how we welcome and integrate new believers into our community life together. In addition, we discuss the concept of spiritual parenthood, of raising healthy spiritual children and discipling them in the context of the local assembly of believers. Next, we focus on practicing effective church discipline, the lost art of biblical exhortation, and why this ministry is so necessary for Christian leaders among God's people. We close our study by considering the work of effective biblical counseling. Our goal is to understand both the therapeutic and pastoral implications of counseling and leading God's people as they encounter the darker side of life, and its trials, tribulations, and distresses.

Your Instructor

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Meeting dates/time will be arranged by the instructor in consultation with the students.

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