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Our Programs

Our Academic Options

Online Education

For multi-session courses meeting weekly, your instructor will contact all registered students two weeks before class starts to arrange meeting day and time. The course may be split into two or more sessions with differing days/times (subject to minimum class size)..

Onsite Education

As new courses are developed we anticipate some will be designed for in-person presentation. These may be weekend or weeklong seminars hosted on our campus, or courses/seminars held at your church led either by our instructor, a diocesan clergy, or a local parish clergy or lay leader.


TUMI Capstone is the only program currently  offered which awards a certificate (from TUMI) upon successful completion. In the future we may offer additional TUMI certificate programs, and we plan to develop new programs which may award a certificate from the diocese.

About Ordination...

Unlike diplomas from most university seminaries, successful completion of any School of Ministry training is not a license to preach, a badge of theological scholarship, or a shortcut to ordination. Our goal is to equip effective church leaders whether clergy, laity, or religious.

Career Training

FUTURE:  As our intercessors continue to pray through the long-term vision for the School of Ministry, we may find it valuable to provide training in practical trade skills such as auto repair, woodworking, office software, etc. Please pray with us for the Holy Spirit's guidance....

Community Opportunities

FUTURE:  As the School of Ministry gets rolling we hope to provide a forum where needs in our diocese, parishes, and communities are identified and discussed. These could provide opportunities for our students to get involved, apply the skills they have learned, and be a blessing to others.

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