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Who are we: the ICCEC


The International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

The ICCEC is a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit begun in 1992 in California, USA, born in the crucible of pro-life ministry. We are a pro-life church, it is in our DNA. Life begins in the mind of God and He alone has absolute dominion over all human life and over the process by which it comes into being.

The ICCEC embodies the "Convergence Movement".  It is not an ecumenical effort of man, but a worship movement of the Holy Spirit re-uniting the three major streams of the visible Church in our day:

  • Fully sacramental/liturgical – the center of worship is the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) which is the real presence of Christ

  • Fully evangelical – the center of faith is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord

  • Fully charismatic – the center of life is the Holy Spirit, enlivening and empowering us to minister in love to God and our neighbor


The founding vision of the ICCEC is to "make visible the Kingdom of God to the nations of the world; to bring the rich sacramental and liturgical life of the early church to searching evangelicals and charismatics; to carry the power of Pentecost to our brothers and sisters in the historic churches; and finally, to provide a home for all Christians who seek a catholic, evangelical, charismatic church and a foundation for their lives and gifts of ministry.”


Worship in the ICCEC follows the shape of the historic liturgy while maintaining that blessed liberty with which Christ has set us free. Music ranges from contemporary and lively to ancient hymns and chants. The Holy Spirit is present in the Mass, during which prophetic messages, anointing and prayer for healing, and other charismatic gifts are active.


Additional information may be found at the ICCEC website.

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