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Student Requirements

The School of Ministry's approach to learning is rooted in the Biblical way of discipleship and tested academic theory. While our four levels of courses have several requirements in common, levels leading to more extensive ministry necessitate additional requirements. Each level's unique requirements are described below, but a student in all courses should:

  • Be a committed Christian, a member of your local church, and submitted to its leadership

  • Be willing to study and fulfill the requirements of the course

  • Be available to take the course as part of a small learning group (your class)

  • Have reliable access to the technology required for the course:

    • A computer, laptop, or tablet with a webcam

    • Suitable software including email, word processing (messaging is recommended) 

    • An internet connection with sufficient speed to watch videos broadcast during class

  • Able to pay the small tuition and purchase the materials required

TUMI Certificate programs

The School of Ministry is an official satellite of The Urban Ministry Institute. While not accredited, TUMI's Certificate programs are recognized across the world. Class requirements are neither arbitrary nor optional, as each of the six required elements is designed to help a student grow in their leadership capacity:

  • Attendance and active class participation - 30%

  • Quizzes and a final exam - 20%

  • Scripture memory - 15%

  • Exegetical (interpreting & explaining Scripture) project - 15%

  • Ministry project completed in your local church - 10%

  • Additional readings (not covered in quizzes or exams) - 10%

Diocesan programs

While available to all, diocesan programs are designed for clergy, lay leaders, and anyone called to exercise responsibility for others. In addition to the common requirements listed above, a student in these courses should:

  • Be involved in ministry with the knowledge and blessing of your pastoral leadership

  • Have a desire to make disciples of all nations within your local community or family

  • Be willing to study and prepare for the work of the ministry

  • Have a passion for sharing what you learn with others

  • Be willing to sign our Affirmation of Faith

Local Ministry training

These courses are designed to provide guidance in carrying out the many tasks of ministry in the local church. Their goal is to help share best practices learned through many years of experience in a variety of settings.

Personal Growth

Courses taken for personal growth and understanding have no additional requirements. No grades will be given for these courses.

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