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CAP12: Focus on Reproduction


£50 Tuition + books


10 Weeks


About the Course

As 21st-century disciples of Jesus in the cities of America, we desire to be fruitful in the work of God–ministering to the lost, and advancing the Kingdom of Christ (John 15:8,16). God has commanded that we bear abundant lasting fruit in our generation, taking the Good News of Christ’s love to the very ends of the earth. The mandate is valid till the return of Christ; we are called to evangelize the lost, equip the redeemed, and empower new generations to become salt and light in the communities where they live and work. In this module we explore the vision of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in the city. Here we affirm the lordship of Jesus Christ, who as risen Lord and God's anointed Messiah, has been exalted to the position of head over all things to the Church and as Lord of the harvest. As Lord, he calls us to penetrate our oikos (household networks) in urban, cross-cultural evangelism. Through testifying the Gospel in our webs of common kinship relationships, friendships, and associations we can spread win others in urban America. This course also considers the idea of equipping new believers through the idea of follow-up, or incorporating new disciples into the Church. Arguing that the Church is God's means of bringing new Christians to maturity, it discusses follow-up and discipleship as the way to ground Christians in the faith. Finally, we will explore the importance of church planting, and the critical role of training leaders to empower them for multiplication. This module concludes with a solid blueprint of a godly urban church which can be God’s agent of change and freedom in its community, in Jesus' name.

Your Instructor

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Meeting dates/time will be arranged by the instructor in consultation with the students.

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