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CNR01: Redemptive Poverty Work


£50 Tuition + books


5 Weeks


About the Course

Redemptive Poverty Work is more than a course: it is a Biblical mindset to be understood and embraced. We can learn this mindset and set goals that affirm the value of those cared for, empowering them with God's perspective. Godly love and respect can lead to transformation in their personal, family, and community lives. Upon completion of this Module you will have the tools to (a) communicate a Biblical theology for poverty work, (b) align ministry to the poor with God's redemptive work in Christ, and (c) establish poverty work in effective spiritual practices that represent the Great Tradition of the Church.

Your Instructor

Fr. Dana Jackson

Fr. Dana Jackson

Meeting dates/time will be arranged by the instructor in consultation with the students.

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