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Flexible 2023 Registration Now Open

Why the ICCEC Diocese of Europe School of Ministry?


  • Content focused more toward equipping for practical ministry than training theologians

  • Learning geared to interactive discussion rather than absorption from extensive reading

  • Individual ministry projects designed for the benefit of your local church


  • Supports bi-vocational clergy, lay leaders, and individuals seeking to grow their faith

  • Courses scheduled to fit students' calendars as much as possible

  • For multi-session courses, our instructors contact all registered students two weeks before class to arrange meeting day/time; if we cannot agree a common time the course may be split into two or more sessions with differing days/times (subject to a minimum class size for some courses)

Value for money

  • Low tuition cost

  • No need to travel long distances or be absent from your community

You do not need to be a member of the ICCEC in order to take our courses, but some courses do require you affirm a Statement of Faith.

School Calendar

No upcoming events at the moment
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