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TUMI Certificate programs

The School of Ministry offers both of TUMI's major programs: the original Capstone and a new, shorter version entitled Cornerstone. Capstone is a full seminary program spread over four-years (when taken one course per quarter) that is highly interactive. Cornerstone is an abbreviated version which covers the same subjects but in a less extensive form. Students completing the Cornerstone program may then upgrade to Capstone and still finish within the original four years.

To prepare you for these programs we offer TUMI's Fight the Good Fight of Faith course. Successful completion is required for entry into either Capstone or Cornerstone, as it provides the foundation necessary for future understanding. Along the way it helps you develop the skills you will need for studying, thinking, discussing, and applying the Biblical truths you will be learning.

A summary of TUMI's programs and courses provided by the School of Ministry:

  • Foundation:  Fight the Good Fight of Faith course

  • Cornerstone: abbreviated program of study to hit the ground running

  • Capstone:  a full program of seminary education

  • Advanced:  Evangel School of Urban Church Planting (not yet offered)

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